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What is PPC

PPC is an online advertising term meaning Pay-Per-Click.
Pay-Per-Click advertising allows marketers to pay only when their ad is clicked by possible leads and drive traffic to a website. There are many kinds of PPC advertising and the most common form is Pay-Per-Click advertising on search engines. You usually see them at the top of the page after clicking the search button.

How does PPC work?
In most cases, a company or local business searches for a marketing agent. Once a marketing agent is selected there is a fair bit of back-and-forth communication as the agent needs to quote the right price for your PPC campaign and append the applicable fees. An agreement is made and based on your budget you will be informed on the general amount of leads to expect.

An easier way is Fresh SEM; with Fresh SEM we make it simple by letting you choose your own lead count plan with no fees and no back-and-forth communication.

What is involved?
To understand how PPC works we’ll use Google Ads as an example.
First, you have the URL to the product or service you are promoting (
Next step is the keywords that Google Ads requires, this involves a lot of time spent on research on the competition and your URL. Finding the appropriate keywords that are relevant to your product or service while exceeding the competition can be tricky and takes much practise, experience, and software.
Once done, settling on the ideal audience is crucially important to maximise the chance that the leads you pull are interested in what you offer as Google Ads offers may demographics to choose from. Once you have the basics in play, testing different campaigns and making minor adjustments to maximise your return is the last step to success.  


Google Ads
In the year of 2000, Google introduced AdWords which is known today as Google Ads. Google Ads is the most popular platform for paid advertising and is usually the first that comes to mind.
Features to be found on Google Ads are vast and help marketers target specific keywords and user criteria. There are many other competitors such as Clicksor, Facebook, and Bing; they each have their own pros and cons.

Use of PPC
What is the purpose of PPC, why do companies use it? Simple, PPC generates leads faster than gaining leads organically (SEO). Whereas SEO can be time-consuming and take weeks to see progress, PPC results can be seen instantly and can increase sales to your product or service.


Try PPC to gain targeted leads for your business today with no setup fees.

Google Ads

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